Getting off to a fast, successful start for your sales professionals and managers begins with abusiness planLloyd is excited to provide you with sales and management presentations to help you do just that. More than 51,500 individuals have experienced Lloyd's unique training style and material. Visit each section on this site and see the comments participants have made about their experience with Lloyd's unique style andmaterial!

Lloyd offers programs geared to salesmanagement and leadershipLloyddoesn't try to address all the problems an organization may have however he can help bring solutions to problems that relate to recruitingtraining and retainingyour sales team.

Lloyd's programs are the result of 30 years’ experience in door-to-doorcall centerbusiness-to-business andneeds based selling. Lloyd is a successful business leader who has led sales distributions who produced 50 million or more a year in sales, who has led recruiting efforts that resulted in hiring more than 2,000 sales professionals in one year and who has trained hundreds of managers, from field sales leaders to executive level leaders. 

Lloyd offers direct, structuredhands on programs from someone who has been and is still in the trenches of selling and managing. Sales people likeLloyd, managers relate to him and leaders engage with Lloyd, because he is one of them. He has and does their job and they know it. They know he speaks from experience and can help them take their style and improve their results.

Lloyd knows what he is good at and that's all he will do. He willcause improvement in the areas you engage him in and he will follow-up with accountability coaching(ask him what this is).

More than 51,500 individuals have experienced Lloyd's uniquestyle; you can count on him to stand by your growth.  

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